Highest Score in T20 by Indian Players

Highest Score in T20 by Indian Players

Indian players have always had amazing explosive batting ability in T20 cricket. Indian cricketers have not disappointed in the format, which demands quick scoring and fearless batting. Let’s honor these incredible successes by looking at the highest score in T20 by Indian players.

The highest score in T20 by Indian players shows their exceptional skills and dominance in the format. Indian batters have consistently set high benchmarks, showcasing their prowess on the international stage. Among these remarkable achievements, Rohit Sharma holds the highest individual score by an Indian, smashing an impressive 118 runs against Sri Lanka. This remarkable innings was played in December, a testament to his ability to perform under pressure.

Another notable performance came from Virat Kohli, who has been a consistent performer in T20s. Virat’s highest score of 94 not out also came against the West Indies, highlighting his knack for chasing down targets with precision. Indian batters have repeatedly proven their mettle, with players like KL Rahul and Suresh Raina also contributing significant runs in T20 internationals.

In January, the Indian team showcased another stellar performance, with multiple players contributing to high team totals. These performances are not limited to matches against smaller teams; Indian batters have excelled against strong opponents like Pakistan and Sri Lanka, further cementing their status as top performers in T20 cricket. The sheer number of runs scored by Indian players in this format underscores their dominance and the depth of talent present in Indian cricket.

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Top 10 T20 international highest score Indian batsman

Here’s a table that shows the highest score in t20 Indian players:

Player Runs Balls 4s 6s SR Against
Shubman Gill 126* 63 12 7 200 New Zealand
RD Gaikwad 123* 57 13 7 215.78 Australia
V Kohli 122* 61 12 6 200 Afghanistan
RG Sharma 121* 69 11 8 175.36 Afghanistan
RG Sharma 118 43 12 10 274.41 Sri Lanka
SA Yadav 117 55 14 6 212.72 England
SA Yadav 112* 51 7 9 219.6 Sri Lanka
RG Sharma 111* 61 8 7 181.96 West Indies
SA Yadav 111* 51 11 7 217.64 New Zealand
KL Rahul 110* 51 12 5 215.68 West Indies

List of Highest Score in T20 by Indian Players

1. Shubman Gill’s Stunning 126* Against New Zealand

First on the list of the highest T20 score of India is Shubman Gill. Gill’s unbroken 126 runs off 63 balls give India’s highest T20 score, so attesting to his exceptional promise and ability. With a strike rate of 200.00, Gill knocked 12 fours and 7 sixes against New Zealand in Ahmedabad on February 1, 2023. Leading India’s T20 highest individual score list, his innings were a masterclass in force and accuracy.

2. Outstanding 123* Against Australia by Ruturaj Gaikwad

Second on the list is Ruturaj Gaikwad. He scored 123* off 57 balls scored against Australia in Guwahati on November 28, 2023. In his innings, Gaikwad struck with a strike rate of 215.78, 13 fours and 7 sixes. This incredible display emphasizes his ability to dominate the opposition and define India’s overall score.

3. Magnificent 123* Against Afghanistan T20 international highest score Indian batsman Virat Kohli

The amazing 122* of Virat Kohli against Afghanistan on September 8, 2022, marks one of the most remarkable innings. Kohli hit 12 fours and 6 sixes with 61 balls, at a 200.00 strike rate. This inning was the perfect mix of force and technique, which helped Kohli be among the best T20 international highest score Indian batsman.

4. Rohit Sharma returns on the list with his perfect 121 against Afghanistan

Rohit made his name in the list of highest individual score in t20 for India again in Bengaluru on January 17, 2024. With 11 fours and 8 sixes in a strike rate of 175.36 Sharma’s innings came off, 69 balls.

This knock amply demonstrates his capacity for building an innings and then rapid acceleration. This is why he has the opportunity to have the highest strike rate in World Cup.

5. Explosive 118 Against Sri Lanka by Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma knocked 12 fours and 10 sixes with a strike rate of 274.41. This was among the most explosive innings in T20 history against Sri Lanka in Indore on December 22, 2017. This innings highlights not only his ability for power-hitting but also his inclination to play long innings in crucial games. This is one of the most run in T20 for India.

The Significance of T20 High Scores

Not only does great T20 cricket reflect personal success but it also shapes the game for the team. Usually providing the stage for a competitive total, these innings challenge the opposition right from the start. Let’s look at the causes of these exceptional scores and their impact on the game.

Most Run in T20 for India

There are several factors depending on strong T20 cricket performance:

  • Usually, high individual scores lead to the batting team’s momentum swinging in their advantage. Either a great start or a big finish can demoralize the opposition and raise batting side confidence.
  • Aiming high above 200 runs is considered a psychological advantage in T20 cricket. High marks for individual players encourage one to reach such totals quite remarkably.
  • Often anchored in the innings, bigger scoring players let other batsmen play around them. The Highest score in t20 by Indian players depends on this balance.

Stellar Performances by the Indian Cricket Team in T20 Internationals

The Indian cricket team has consistently delivered exceptional performances in T20 internationals, setting numerous records and achieving high scores. Indian batters have often dominated the format, with several players recording centuries and maintaining impressive averages. Rohit Sharma’s 118 runs against Sri Lanka in December remains the highest individual score by an Indian, showcasing his skill and composure. Additionally, Virat Kohli’s remarkable consistency, including his highe score of 94 not out against the West Indies, highlights his importance to the team.

In recent matches, especially those played in January, the Indian team has demonstrated their batting depth. Players like KL Rahul and Suresh Raina have also scored significant runs, contributing to India’s strong position in T20 cricket. The team’s ability to post high scores and chase down challenging targets has been a crucial factor in their victories. The matches against strong opponents like Pakistan and New Zealand further emphasize the Indian cricket team’s prowess and resilience in T20 internationals.

The Indian cricket team’s achievements are not limited to individual performances. The collective efforts of the players, backed by solid strategies and effective execution, have led to memorable wins and high rankings. In matches against top teams like England and New Zealand, Indian batters have not only recorded centuries but also maintained high averages, leading to successful campaigns. The team’s performance in the T20 World Cup and other international matches underscores their dominance and the depth of talent in Indian cricket. Their ability to adapt to different conditions and consistently perform at the highest level makes them a formidable force in T20 cricket.

Highest Individual Score in T20 for India

The best personal scores usually combine some luck with pure ability and perfect execution. These innings are remembered for their construction as much as for their run count and impact on the game. Here are some more particular details on the top achievers:

Shubman Gill’s 126*

Match Summary: Gill’s innings guaranteed India would comfortably reach a competitive total.

Key Points: Crucially, his ability to always find limits—especially in the middle overs—was exceptional.

Ruturaj Gaikwad’s 123*

Match Summary: Establishing a notable total against a strong Australian side.

Key Points: His composure in the middle overs and his force striking in the powerplay.

Virat Kohli’s 122*

Match Summary: Kohli’s 122 was high stakes against Afghanistan, where his knock was absolutely vital.

Key Points: His sprint between the wickets and his sense of gaps.

Rohit Sharma’s 121*:

Match Summary: Rohit Sharma dominated the Afghan bowlers to build a noteworthy total.

Key Moments: His alliance with other top-order batsmen and his simple six-hitting approach

Rohit Sharma’s 118

Match Summary: Rohit Sharma’s blitzkrieg against Sri Lanka guaranteed India a big target.

Key Points: His acceleration after eye contact broke records, and his sixes.

While these players scored the highest, there were many teams who could not even score what these players scored alone. Find out more about the lowest team score in T20 World Cup.

The Dominance of Indian Cricket Team

The Indian cricket team has showcased remarkable performances in T20 internationals, with several players achieving significant milestones. The team has consistently delivered high scores, with Indian batsmen frequently recording centuries and half-centuries. Virat Kohli, in particular, has been a standout player, amassing a considerable number of runs. His ability to consistently score and lead the team to victory has earned him numerous awards.

In December, Virat achieved yet another milestone by scoring his fifth T20 century against Australia, further solidifying his legacy. The month of January also saw the Indian cricket team in excellent form. In matches played during this period, the team demonstrated exceptional batting depth and resilience. Key players like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma completed their innings with impressive stats, contributing significantly to the team’s overall runs.

January Win Against England

Additionally, January witnessed India securing a memorable win against England, with Suryakumar Yadav playing a crucial role. His performance, alongside other team members, ensured India maintained a strong second position in the T20 rankings. In November, the Indian cricket team continued its dominant run, facing off against top international teams. During these matches, players like KL Rahul and Suryakumar Yadav shone brightly, adding substantial runs to the team’s total.

In particular, Virat Kohli’s leadership and batting prowess were on full display as he guided India to several crucial victories. The team’s ability to perform under pressure and deliver consistent results has been a hallmark of their success. Whether playing in India or overseas, the Indian cricket team has proven its mettle, with key players regularly stepping up to deliver match-winning performances.

This consistency has not only earned them accolades but also solidified their reputation as one of the top teams in international T20 cricket. India’s victories against Australia in December and January were particularly noteworthy. In these games, the Indian batsmen, including Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, amassed significant runs, leading to impressive wins. The matches played against strong teams like England and South Africa further highlighted the Indian cricket team’s resilience and skill.


Their ability to adapt to different conditions and still deliver outstanding performances is a testament to their preparation and talent. The contributions of various players have been instrumental in India’s success. Virat Kohli’s exceptional batting, combined with the consistent performances of other batsmen like Rohit Sharma and Suryakumar Yadav, has ensured that India remains a dominant force in T20 cricket. The team’s collective efforts, strategic gameplay, and individual brilliance have led to numerous victories and a prominent standing in the international cricket arena.

The hard work, skill, and flair of these players define the Indian highest score in t20. Apart from providing entertainment for the fans, these innings improve the caliber of cricket. As Indian batsmen give even more remarkable performances as it develops, T20 cricket is getting more thrilling and unpredictable. Celebrating the beauty of T20 cricket, these high-scoring innings will keep you on the tip of your seat, whether you enjoy cricket professionally or just for fun.


The hard work, skill, and flair of these players define the Indian highest score in t20. Apart from providing entertainment for the fans, these innings improve the caliber of cricket. As Indian batsmen give even more remarkable performances as it develops, T20 cricket is getting more thrilling and unpredictable. Celebrating the beauty of T20 cricket, these high-scoring innings will keep you on the tip of your seat, whether you enjoy cricket professionally or just for fun.

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