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Bhikari Team in IPL 2024

Do you know who is the Bhikari Team in IPL? If not then we have made up a list that nobody will ever show you or talk about it. 

With its high-octane matches, star-studded lineups, and nail-biting finishes, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become a global cricketing spectacular. It has the ability to captivate spectators all over the world.

Bhikari Team in IPL
2022 Mumbai Indians
2023 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2024 NA

Nevertheless, in the midst of all the glitz and glamor, there is a phrase that is widely considered among the cricketing community, and that is the “Bhikari Team.” The purpose of this article is to go into the complexities of what makes a “Bhikari Team” in the Indian Premier League (IPL), as well as its beginnings and the causes that contribute to its existence.

Who is the Bhikari team in IPL?

Here’s a table that will give you the names of the Bhikari teams in IPL according to their overal performances and fan’s reactions:

Bhikari Team in IPL History
IPL Season Bhikari Team
2008 Kolkata Knight Riders
2009 Royal Challengers Bangalore
2010 Kolkata Knight Riders
2011 Kochi Tuskers Kerala
2012 Deccan Chargers
2013 Pune Warriors India
2014 Delhi Daredevils
2015 Kings XI Punjab
2016 Rising Pune Supergiant
2017 Gujarat Lions
2018 Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals)
2019 Royal Challengers Bangalore
2020 Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings)
2021 Royal Challengers Bangalore
2022 Mumbai Indians
2023 Sunrisers Hyderabad
2024 NA

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Understanding the Term ‘Bhikari Team’:

The word “Bhikari Team” roughly translates to “beggar team” in English. It refers to an IPL franchise that regularly underperforms, struggles to make a mark, and ends up at the bottom of the points table. The word may sound insulting, but it describes how fans and other important people feel when a team doesn’t live up to standards, even when they have a lot of resources and ability at their disposal.

Origins and Evolution:

In the first few seasons of the IPL, when some teams were having trouble adjusting to the very competitive league, the idea of “Bhikari Teams” became popular. Teams like the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), and Delhi Capitals (formerly Delhi Daredevils) had long stretches of poor play, which earned them the bad name.

Even though these teams had star-studded lineups and moments of genius, they had a hard time staying consistent. They often gave up because of internal conflict, tactical mistakes, and the pressure of expectations. As the IPL went on, the word “Bhikari Team” came to mean teams that were always disappointed because their competitors were always doing well.

Bhikari team in IPL 2024

While the season has not started at the time of writing this IPL, but we feel that if a big team fails to give better results then they will be the bhikhari team in IPL 2024.

Bhikari team in IPL 2023

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Despite glimpses of brilliance, inconsistency plagued their campaign. The top order faltered frequently, and the bowling attack lacked bite. Their 4 wins showcased potential, but overall, they fell short of expectations.

Bhikari team in IPL 2022

Mumbai Indians: Injuries and a lack of batting depth hampered their progress. They struggled to find reliable partnerships, and their bowling, usually a strength, wasn’t always at its best. Despite flashes of brilliance, they weren’t able to find their rhythm consistently.

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Bhikari team in IPL 2021

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Individual brilliance often masked systemic weaknesses. While Virat Kohli and Glenn Maxwell shone, the lack of a settled middle order and bowling stability proved costly. They came close to playoffs but ultimately fell short due to inconsistencies.

Bhikari team in IPL 2020

Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings): Despite a strong start, they faded away due to batting collapses and bowling frailties. They lacked a consistent middle order and struggled to defend totals, leading to a missed playoff opportunity.

Bhikari team in IPL 2019:

is rcb bhikari team in ipl?

pic credit: dhwaniastro

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB): Despite boasting a star-studded lineup including the  king of IPL Virat Kohli, and AB de Villiers, RCB endured a dismal campaign. They struggled with inconsistent performances, particularly in the bowling department, and failed to capitalize on key moments. Poor team balance and over-reliance on individual brilliance contributed to their underwhelming performance, finishing at the bottom of the points table.

Bhikari team in IPL 2018:

Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals): Even though they had talented players like Rishabh Pant and Shreyas Iyer, Delhi Daredevils had a hard time getting into the swing of things in IPL 2018. Their campaign was hampered by inconsistent results, especially in important games, and uncertainty about who would lead them. Even though they had moments of genius, they lacked the calm and tactical knowledge to turn chances into wins, so they ended the season with poor results.

Bhikari team in IPL 2017:

Gujarat Lions: In their second and last season in the IPL, Gujarat Lions were not as successful as they were in their first season. Even though they had a strong batting group with Brendon McCullum and Suresh Raina, they had trouble keeping their results consistent. Their weak point was bowling, as they couldn’t keep the other team’s batters down and lost important wickets. Their fall was caused by bad team balance and bad strategy choices, which led to a forgettable campaign.

Bhikari team in IPL 2016:

Rising Pune Supergiant: Rising Pune Supergiant had a tough time in IPL 2016, their first season in the league. They had stars like MS Dhoni (considered as the King of IPL) and Steve Smith, but they were weak in both the hitting and bowling areas. Key players getting hurt further derailed their campaign, causing them to rely on young, untested players. The team wasn’t able to make a big difference because they weren’t consistent and didn’t work well together, which led to a poor showing.

Bhikari team in IPL 2015:

Kings XI Punjab: Kings XI Punjab did not do well in IPL 2015, even though they made it to the final in IPL 2014. Even though they had powerful batters like Glenn Maxwell and David Miller, they had trouble keeping their results consistent. Throughout the season, they had trouble with their bowling and couldn’t protect strong totals. They had some great moments, but they missed the chance to make the most of key moments, which led to a boring season that disappointed fans.

Bhikari team in IPL 2014:

Delhi Daredevils: Despite high expectations, Delhi Daredevils had a dismal run in IPL 2014. Despite boasting a star-studded lineup including Kevin Pietersen and JP Duminy, they struggled to find form and consistency throughout the season. Injuries to key players, lackluster performances, and poor team cohesion contributed to their downfall. Delhi Daredevils finished at the bottom of the points table, failing to make a mark in the tournament.

Bhikari team in IPL 2013:

Pune Warriors India: In IPL 2013, Pune Warriors India endured another forgettable campaign. Despite possessing talented players like Aaron Finch and Robin Uthappa, they failed to translate potential into performance. Inconsistent batting, bowling woes, and leadership issues plagued their season. Pune Warriors struggled to find momentum and suffered heavy defeats, ultimately finishing at the bottom of the points table. Check out who made the highest partnership in IPL.

Bhikari team in IPL 2012:

Deccan Chargers: Deccan Chargers had a hard time in IPL 2012 because they didn’t live up to standards. Even though they won the IPL title in 2009, they had trouble staying consistent and competitive. Their growth was slowed by injuries, a lack of talent in the team, and poor play from key players. Deccan Chargers had a poor season because they couldn’t pull together wins, which put them lower in the points table.

Bhikari team in IPL 2011:

Kochi Tuskers Kerala (pic credit: sportskeeda)

Kochi Tuskers Kerala: Making their IPL debut in 2011, Kochi Tuskers Kerala faced an uphill battle throughout the season. Despite having notable players like Mahela Jayawardene and Brendon McCullum, they struggled to find their footing in the tournament. Inconsistent performances, particularly in crucial matches, and internal management issues hampered their progress. Kochi Tuskers Kerala failed to establish themselves as a formidable force in the IPL, finishing the season with disappointing results.

Bhikari team in IPL 2010:

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR): Despite their high-profile signings and strong fan base, Kolkata Knight Riders had a lackluster IPL 2010 campaign. Led by Sourav Ganguly, KKR struggled to find consistency in their performances. Batting collapses, ineffective bowling, and strategic errors plagued their season. Despite occasional individual brilliance, they failed to convert opportunities into victories, finishing near the bottom of the points table.

Bhikari team in IPL 2009:

Royal Challengers Bangalore: IPL 2009 was a disappointing season for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite boasting big names like Rahul Dravid, Jacques Kallis, and Kevin Pietersen, they failed to deliver consistent performances. Batting failures, bowling inconsistencies, and strategic misjudgments cost them crucial matches. Bangalore Royal Challengers struggled to find a winning combination, resulting in a lackluster season.

Bhikari team in IPL 2008:

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR): Kolkata Knight Riders had a hard time getting into the swing of things in the first season of the IPL. KKR didn’t live up to promises, even though they had the Baap of IPL like Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting. Their mission was ruined by inconsistent play, problems choosing teams, and fights within the team. Kolkata Knight Riders had a bad showing in IPL 2008 because they couldn’t adapt to the rules of the game.

Note: The list of Bhikari teams in IPL history is made just by looking at their overall performance in the season and how fans were reacting in each season. We do not intend to hurt the sentiments of the teams, players, or fans.

Factors Contributing to Bhikari Teams:

Several factors contribute to the emergence of ‘Bhikari Teams’ in the IPL, ranging from team management decisions to player performances and off-field dynamics. Let’s explore some of the key factors:

Team Composition and Recruitment Strategy:

In the IPL, the make-up of a team is very important to how well it does. It can be hard for franchises to find the right mix of experienced foreign players and up-and-coming local players. Bad decisions about who to hire, how much to spend on star players, and ignoring the team’s needs can all have a big effect on how well it does.

Leadership and Coaching:

Leadership and teaching that work well are important for success in any sport. Bhikari Teams often have trouble because their leaders aren’t good at their jobs on and off the field, they don’t have a clear plan, and they can’t adjust to new match situations. A good teaching system can help develop ability, teach discipline, and give the team a winning attitude.

Player Form and Injuries:

Like any other sport, cricket is affected by how fit and in shape a player is. Bhikari Teams often have trouble with star players getting hurt or not performing as expected, and they can’t put together a stable starting eleven. If a team doesn’t have any game-winners and relies too much on individual talent instead of teamwork, it can hurt their chances in the long run.

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Franchise Culture and Fan Support:

The way a team works and how many fans it has also affect how well it does in the IPL. Critics often say that Bhikari Teams don’t take responsibility, aren’t upset when they lose, and don’t connect with their fans. A strong sense of personality, involvement in the community, and openness in decision-making can help a company that is having trouble get back on its feet.

Impact on the IPL Ecosystem:

There are both short-term and long-term effects of Bhikari Teams being a part of the IPL environment. Even though it makes the league less predictable, it also shows that it needs to look at itself and make changes to stay competitive. Franchises, managers, and other interested parties need to work together to fix the real problems and make sure the IPL name stays strong.

Strategies for Revival:

Reviving a Bhikari Team requires a multi-faceted approach encompassing strategic planning, talent development, and stakeholder engagement. Franchises must invest in robust scouting networks, nurture local talent through grassroots initiatives, and foster a culture of excellence and accountability within the organization. Additionally, leveraging technology, data analytics, and sports science can provide valuable insights into player performance and tactical nuances.


Bhikari Team in the IPL show how difficult and complicated professional sports can be. Success may be hard to come by, but the path of toughness, drive, and teamwork is what makes cricket what it is. As the IPL changes, Bhikari Teams must adapt to it, learn from their mistakes, and aim for greatness as they try to win sports glory.

In the end, a team’s name doesn’t matter as much as its unshakable determination to overcome hardships and rewrite the story of victory on cricket’s biggest stage. As fans, let’s enjoy the good times and bad times of the game we love, and remember how beautiful it is. Every team in cricket has a story to tell, and each journey shapes the IPL’s history.

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