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Highest Strike Rate in IPL 2024

There are some amazing names in the list of the highest strike rate in IPL 2024 that will amaze you for sure. Check it out here!

High octane action is now synonymous with the Indian Premier League (IPL), sixes that clear the boundary and batsmen who are capable of turning a game on its head. When it comes to this format, strike rate – the number of runs scored per 100 balls faced – becomes an essential indicator for assessing a batsman’s quality. Below, we will show you just a quick look at the highest strike rate in IPL history.

Player Strike Rate
AD Russell (DC/KKR) 176
LS Livingstone (PBKS/RR) 164.95
SP Narine (KKR) 163
N Pooran (KXIP/LSG/PBKS/SRH) 157.48
GJ Maxwell (DC/KXIP/MI/RCB) 156.39

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This article takes a closer look at the most explosive players in IPL who have the highest strike rate in IPL 2024. We will also be analyzing their influence on the game and what contributes to their astonishing strike rates.

Highest Strike Rate in IPL 2024

The table below shows the highest strike rate in IPL 2024 season. This table was updated after the match between RCB and SRH on 15 April 2024.

Player Team Strike Rate Runs Balls 4s 6s Opposition Match Date
R Shepherd MI 390 39* 10 3 4 v DC 07 Apr 2024
Abdul Samad SRH 370 37* 10 4 3 v RCB 15 Apr 2024
RK Singh KKR 325 26 8 1 3 v DC 03 Apr 2024
Abishek Porel DC 320 32* 10 4 2 v Punjab Kings 23 Mar 2024
Abhishek Sharma SRH 308.33 37 12 3 4 v CSK 05 Apr 2024
T Stubbs DC 284 71* 25 3 7 v MI 07 Apr 2024
KD Karthik RCB 280 28* 10 3 2 v Punjab Kings 25 Mar 2024
Abhishek Sharma SRH 273.91 63 23 3 7 v MI 27 Mar 2024
SA Yadav MI 273.68 52 19 5 4 v RCB 11 Apr 2024
SO Hetmyer RR 270 27* 10 1 3 v Punjab Kings 13 Apr 2024

Top 5 Players with Highest Strike Rate in IPL 2024

Player Team Strike Rate
R Shepherd MI 390
Abdul Samad SRH 370
RK Singh KKR 325
Abishek Porel DC 320
Abhishek Sharma SRH 308.33

1. Romario Shepherd (MI) – Strike Rate: 390.00

Romario Shepherd of Mumbai Indians leads this early stage of the season. This explosive West Indian all-rounder boasts an outstanding strike rate of 390.00 achieved by slamming 39 off just 10 balls against Delhi Capitals on that day itself after playing at number eight position.. As Shepherd demonstrated with clean hitting down the order in particular power-hitting; it only took him minutes to take away games from other teams grabbing them within some overs played alongside other best batsmen on their sides.

2. Abdul Samad (SRH) – Strike Rate: 370.00

Abdul Samad, the young gun of Sunrisers Hyderabad, has a strike rate of 370.00 not so far behind. In a thrilling clash against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Samad smashed an unbeaten 37 off just 10 balls showcasing his fearless attitude and ability to hit sixes. This adds another angle to the SRH batting line-up with its ability to score fast in middle overs.

3. Rinku Singh (KKR) – Strike Rate: 325.00

Kolkata Knight Riders have found a diamond in Rinku Singh. His knock of 26 off just 8 balls against Delhi Capitals at a strike rate of 325.00 speaks volumes about this young batsman’s abilities. When compared to the top two, though small in size, Singh is a player to watch out for due to his no-fear hitting and ability to find the boundary on repeat occasions.

4. Abhishek Porel (DC) – Strike Rate: 320.00

Delhi Capitals’ Abhishek Porel has also made an early impression posting off this amazing feat with his strike rate being at 320.00. As for his unbeaten knock of 32 off just 10 balls against Punjab Kings, it was all about clean hitting and punishing bad deliveries. DC’s batting depth could well be defined by Porel’s contribution in the lower middle order.

5. Abhishek Sharma (SRH) – Strike Rate: 308.33

Another bright young talent from SRH camp Abhishek Sharma features among the top five highest strike rate in IPL 2024 with a strike rate of 308.33. His knock of 37 runs off just 12 balls against Chennai Super Kings displayed his attacking instincts and ability to rotate the strike effectively. Sharma’s versatility as an opener and his clean hitting technique offer valuable options for the SRH batting order.

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Highest Strike Rate in IPL History

The table below shows the highest strike rate in IPL history. 

Span Player Mat Runs Average Strike Rate 4s 6s
2012-2024 AD Russell (DC/KKR) 117 2377 29.71 176 159 203
2019-2024 LS Livingstone (PBKS/RR) 36 932 31 164.95 65 66
2012-2024 SP Narine (KKR) 167 1213 14.97 163 127 78
2019-2024 N Pooran (KXIP/LSG/PBKS/SRH) 68 1493 29.86 157.48 87 110
2012-2024 GJ Maxwell (DC/KXIP/MI/RCB) 130 2751 25.23 156.39 229 159
2008-2015 V Sehwag (DC/KXIP) 104 2728 27.55 155.44 334 106
2019-2024 SO Hetmyer (DC/RCB/RR) 66 1200 33.33 154.24 72 80
2008-2021 AB de Villiers (DC/RCB) 184 5162 39.7 151.68 413 251
2009-2021 CH Gayle (KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB) 142 4965 39.72 148.96 404 357
2016-2024 RR Pant (DC) 104 3032 34.45 148.55 276 140

Andre Russell – The King of Strike Rate

At the top of the batting average list is Andre Russell; unbeaten forever. The Jamaican juggernaut who has played for both Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders from 2012 to 2024 has a phenomenal strikerate of 175.55. He would get quick runs in his first innings without any effort then score multiple sixes towards the end. His power hitting skills coupled by clean hitting technique make him bowler’s nightmare and have often turned matches within few overs.

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Livingstone, Pooran, and Hetmyer

As always, other things change while one thing remains constant. Meanwhile, others have stepped up quickly closing in on Russell’s record. Liam Livingstone from England like many franchises is highly rated given his impressive strike rate of 164.95 across franchises (Punjab Kings and Rajasthan Royals). 

His proficiency in locating the boundary through unconventional shots and power-hitting is invaluable in T20 cricket. Similarly, dangerous left-handers like Nicholas Pooran (157.48) and Shimron Hetmyer (154.24) have impressed with their clean hitting and fearless approach to the game. These players with innovative stroke play and a penchant for sixes are shaping IPL’s future of power hitting.

Veterans: Sehwag, De Villiers, and Gayle

The IPL would be incomplete without its legends who have been part of this tournament since 2008. Though some of them have retired, their contribution to the sport cannot be overlooked. The legendary Indian opener Virender Sehwag, whose strike rate stood at 155.44, is one of such cricketers who will never be forgotten by cricket lovers all over the world. This is due to his aggressive batting style that entailed brazenly extravagant shot-making which changed the role of an opening batsman in T20 Cricket forever. 

AB de Villiers, South Africa’s maestro (151.68), mesmerized viewers with his swashbuckling batting across compartments along with improvisation under duress. Christopher Henry Gayle also referred to as “Universe Boss”(148.96) is still feared among many bowlers owing to his absolute dominance using raw force and experience.

Top 5 Batsmen With Highest Strike Rate in IPL History

1. Andre Russell (KKR/DC) – Strike Rate: 175.55

Interestingly enough, Andre Russell reigns supreme when it comes to strike rates in IPL history books. This Jamaican juggernaut has enjoyed successful spells both as a Kolkata Knight Rider and a Delhi Capital player while maintaining an outrageous strike rate of 175.55.

Russell can get into another gear in an instant, he can score quickly from the start before moving on to six hitting towards the end. His strength and clean hitting technique make him every bowler’s worst nightmare as he can change a game within few overs.

2. Liam Livingstone (PBKS/RR) – Strike Rate: 164.95

Liam Livingstone is a new kind of batsman. This English batsman now playing for Punjab Kings again has an impressive strike rate of 164.95. Livingstone’s unconventional shots and power-hitting skills have made him valuable resource who does not shy away from employing audacious strokes aimed at crossing the boundary line unerringly. There is also another side to his batting that involves changing tactics according to the situation or going after specific bowlers.

3. Sunil Narine (KKR) – Strike Rate: 163.00 (Adjusted)

Sunil Narine, the West Indian mystery spinner for Kolkata Knight Riders, might seem like an anomaly on this list. Yet during his early IPL career, Narine was a genuine pinch-hitting sensation. At present, his strike rate stands at 159.69 but if only these matches are considered (from 2012-14) where he batted in the top three positions gives a jaw dropping adjusted strike rate of roughly 163.00.He scared bowlers with quick cameos at the top order and played a key role in KKR’s initial success.

4. Nicholas Pooran (KXIP/LSG/PBKS/SRH) – Strike Rate: 157.48

The left-handed wicket-keeper batsman Nicholas Pooran has become a much sought after player in different IPL franchises which are KXIP, LSG, PBKS and SRH. His strike rate of 157.48 speaks to his clean hitting and unafraid approach. Pooran is a middle order asset who can change gears at will and start playing big shots from the word go frequently upping the scoring rate during the game’s crucial stage.

5. Glenn Maxwell (DC/KXIP/MI/RCB) – Strike Rate: 156.39

Over time Glenn Maxwell aka “Big Show” has been pleasing fans with his showy batting technique. Playing for various franchises (DC, KXIP, MI, and RCB), Maxwell boasts a strike rate of 156.39. He is a dangerous proposition for any bowler because of his 360-degree batting and ability to deliver under pressure. It could be questioned sometimes whether he is consistent but his explosive batting alone can win matches for his team.

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