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Most Ducks in IPL 2024

Do you know which player has the most ducks in IPL? There are many big names on this list that you might not be expecting.

In the fast paced Indian Premier League (IPL), where sixes and boundaries are common, the feared “duck” is a clear sign that a batter has been out without making a run. Some players have made their mark on IPL history with huge scores, but others have gained the most golden ducks in IPL, which is the worst record possible.

Some players who have got out on duck have also made some of the Fastest 50 in IPL.

Most duck out in IPL holds an undeniable negative sense. So if you are wondering which players are top on this unwanted list, we are here to help you.

We are here with the complete list of ducks in IPL history. Let’s take a look at them quickly.

Most Ducks in IPL History (2008 – 2024) 


Player Innings Ducks
KD Karthik (DC/GL/KKR/KXIP/MI/RCB) 232 18
GJ Maxwell (DC/KXIP/MI/RCB) 127 17
RG Sharma (DCH/MI) 251 17
PP Chawla (CSK/KKR/KXIP/MI) 92 16
SP Narine (KKR) 108 16
Rashid Khan (GT/SRH) 60 15
Mandeep Singh (DC/KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB) 98 15
MK Pandey (DC/KKR/LSG/MI/PWI/RCB/SRH) 159 14
AT Rayudu (CSK/MI) 187 14
Harbhajan Singh (CSK/KKR/MI) 90 13
PA Patel (CSK/DCH/Kochi/MI/RCB/SRH) 137 13
AM Rahane (CSK/DC/KKR/MI/RPS/RR) 170 13
G Gambhir (DC/KKR) 152 12
R Ashwin (CSK/DC/KXIP/RPS/RR) 92 11
SV Samson (DC/RR) 161 11
DA Warner (DC/SRH) 184 11
S Dhawan (DC/DCH/MI/PBKS/SRH) 221 11
A Mishra (DC/DCH/LSG/SRH) 57 10
AB de Villiers (DC/RCB) 170 10
V Kohli (RCB) 242 10

Top 3 Players with the Most Ducks in IPL History (2008 – 2024):-

Want to know which players have got the most ducks in IPL history? Let’s jump right in!

1. Dinesh Karthik

Yep, you guessed it! With a huge 18 ducks in his unwanted IPL record, Dinesh Karthik is at the top. You have seen this wicketkeeper-batsman duck out in IPL 2024 as well. Karthik was caught and out for a duck in RCB’s IPL 2024 home game against DC.

2. Rohit Sharma

Hold on to your hats, because this is going to surprise you! The famous Hitman, Rohit Sharma, is known for how hard he hits the ball, but he’s also made a name for himself by getting ducks. After 16 years in the IPL, he has 17 ducks, which keeps things interesting.

3. Glenn Maxwell: 

Australian batsman who scores big has played 127 innings and has equaled the record of most ducks in IPL with Rohit Sharma. He got ducked out 17 times.

There is a point that you must keep in mind. These batsmen might have the most golden ducks in IPL, but they also have the ability to score the fastest century in IPL.

Most Golden Ducks in IPL 

Now, most golden ducks in IPL are something different from just ducks out. A batter gets out on the first ball they face and doesn’t score any runs. This is called a “golden duck.” 

Rashid Khan has been at the top of most golden ducks in IPL history. Let’s take a look at the complete list:

Player Name Teams Golden ducks
Rashid Khan SRH, GT 11
Glenn Maxwell DD, KXIP, MI, RCB 9
Dinesh Karthik DD, KXIP, MI, RCB, GL, KKR 7
Harbhajan Singh MI, CSK, KKR 7
Sunil Narine KKR 7
Virat Kohli RCB 7

Most Ducks in IPL 2024

No. Player Team Matches Innings Ducks
1 Glenn Maxwell RCB 8 7 3
2 Harshal Patel PBKS 13 4 2
3 Mitchell Starc KKR 11 5 2
4 Piyush Chawla MI 10 6 2
5 Naman Dhir MI 6 6 2
6 Mahipal Lomror RCB 8 8 2
7 Suryakumar Yadav MI 10 10 2
8 Ishan Kishan MI 13 13 2
9 Shashank Singh PBKS 13 13 2
10 Shivam Dube CSK 13 13 2

Players with the Most Ducks in IPL 2023

Rank Player Ducks Matches Team
1 Dinesh Karthik 5 15 Royal Challengers Bangalore
2 Jos Buttler 5 14 Rajasthan Royals
3 Rohit Sharma 4 15 Mumbai Indians
4 Nicholas Pooran 4 12 Lucknow Super Giants
5 (Tied) Shikhar Dhawan 3 14 Punjab Kings
5 (Tied) Eoin Morgan 3 9 Kolkata Knight Riders

King of Ducks in IPL: Dinesh Karthik

Unquestionably, the crown for the most ducks in IPL history sits upon the head of wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik. Across his 17-season IPL career, Karthik has been dismissed for a score of zero a staggering 18 times. 

Who has the Most Ducks in IPL 2024?

Right now, Glenn Maxwell from RCB has the most ducks. He got duck 3 times in 7 innings.

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