Fastest Players to Score 5000 ODI Runs

Fastest Batsmen to Score 5000 ODI Runs

Do you know who are the fastest players to score 5000 ODI runs? Well, it’s not Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma. Surprised right? Let’s find out.

One of the most thrilling parts of cricket is seeing a batsman in full flow. Imagine now doing it often enough to surpass all others in reaching 5000 ODI runs! We are discussing about the players with quickest 5000 runs in ODIs here today. 

These players are not only good; they are outstanding, combining skill, technique, and perseverance to reach this benchmark faster than others. So relax with your preferred cricket snack and let us explore who is the fastest to reach 5000 runs in ODIs. Trust me; these men have established statistical benchmarks for the next generations and transformed the way batting should be done.

Top 10 fastest players to 5000 ODI runs

1Babar AzamPakistan9997
2Hashim AmlaSouth Africa104101
3Sir Viv RichardsWest Indies126114
4Virat KohliIndia120114
5Shai HopeWest Indies119114
6David WarnerAustralia117115
7Joe RootEngland122116
8Quinton de KockSouth Africa116116
9Brian LaraWest Indies120118
10Shikhar DhawanIndia119118

Top players quickest to 5000 ODI runs

1. Pakistan’s Babar Azam – 97 innings

Among them first is the outstanding Pakistani Babar Azam. This guy is simply something else! Just 97 innings, Babar is the fastest to 5000 runs in One Day Internationals. His route has been really fantastic. With his silky-smooth strokeplay and versatility in hitting runs anywhere across the wicket, Babar has become core of Pakistan’s batting order. Every time he steps onto the pitch, fans want something different; he most generally delivers.

When Babar Azam made this history, many bettors started making ICC cricket live betting. Since Babar was so quick, they thought he might smash more in the World Cup. This is how many took advantage and earned lots of profit in betting.

2. Hashim Amla (South Africa) – 101 innings

Then there is the classy South African Hashim Amla, who amassed 5000 runs in just 101 innings. Amla’s bat moves like poetry in action. His mix of grace and precision made run-scoring appear almost easy. Amla, a rock at the summit of the Proteas, was well-known for his calm head and perfect skill.  Having always had an answer whether he was playing spin or pace, he was among the most consistent hitters of his time. He is among the milestone achievers in ODI cricket.

3. Sir Viv Richards (West Indies) – 114 innings

Who could then ignore Sir Viv Richards? The man was a myth, certainly! Viv Richards surpassed the 5000-run milestone in 114 innings back in the day when cricket wasn’t as kind for batters as it is today. He smashed all around and worried bowlers with his aggressive attitude, not equaled in swagger and dominance at the wicket. This is how he made his name to the quickest players to 5000 ODI runs list. His aggressive style prepared the way for modern ODI batting. 

4. Virat Kohli (India) – 114 innings

Also the fastest to reach 5000 runs in ODIs in 114 innings, India’s very own Virat Kohli is tied with Sir Viv Richards. Many people consider Kohli to be among the finest modern batsmen. Legendary players like his appetite for runs and his capacity to pursue goals. 

Kohli’s rigorous concentration and exercise program have raised new benchmarks in cricket. You can be sure Kohli will be the man guiding India out of crisis anytime it finds itself in it. His consistency throughout all game forms is rather amazing. Kohli is also one of the players who have scored the most centuries in World Cup.

5. Shai Hope (West Indies) – 114 innings

Shai Hope from the West Indies rounded out the top five fastest 5000 runs in ODI cricket history. He reached this mark in 114 innings too. Though not always in the forefront, Hope is a player who has shown amazing talent and patience in the crease. For the West Indies, his capacity to form partnerships and anchor the innings has been very vital. 

These five players have delighted and motivated cricket fans all over. Their successes speak to their diligence, aptitude, and pure love of the game. They ensured their country had the highest team scores in ICC Cricket World Cup as well. 

Seeing such guys in action is always thrilling as every time they walk on the field they may create history. These players didn’t just dominate the ODIs, they made records in the T20 as well. Especially, Virat Kohli was the center of attention during the World Cup. Fans went on to the live cricket betting app, and started earning whenever Kohli made runs. 

List of fastest batsmen to reach 5000 runs in ODIs

  1. Babar Azam (Pakistan) – 97 innings
  2. Hashim Amla (South Africa) – 101 innings
  3. Sir Viv Richards (West Indies) – 114 innings
  4. Virat Kohli (India) – 114 innings
  5. Shai Hope (West Indies) – 114 innings
  6. David Warner (Australia) – 115 innings
  7. Joe Root (England) – 116 innings
  8. Quinton de Kock (South Africa) – 116 innings
  9. Brian Lara (West Indies) – 118 innings
  10. Shikhar Dhawan (India) – 118 innings
  11. Kane Williamson (New Zealand) – 119 innings
  12. Gordon Greenidge (West Indies) – 121 innings
  13. AB de Villiers (South Africa) – 124 innings
  14. Faf du Plessis (South Africa) – 125 innings
  15. Sourav Ganguly (India) – 126 innings
  16. Aaron Finch (Australia) – 126 innings
  17. Dean Jones (Australia) – 128 innings
  18. Steven Smith (Australia) – 129 innings
  19. Graeme Smith (South Africa) – 131 innings
  20. Martin Guptill (New Zealand) – 132 innings


Who reached 5000 ODI runs in the least innings?

Babar Azam is the fastest to reach 5000 runs in ODIs. He did this in 97 innings.

Who is the fastest player to score 5000 ODI runs?

The fastest batsmen to 5000 runs is Pakistan’s Babar Azam.

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