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Most Centuries by Players in ICC ODI World Cup in 2024- Best Centuries By Team Players

Do you know who has the most centuries in World Cup? The list is very long with hundreds but Rohit Sharma is on top of everyone. Find out other names on the list in this article.

Few achievements in the remarkable ICC World Cup are as lofty as centuries of conquest. These records have carved the names of cricketing titans into the annals of history. Explore the history of the greatest century scorers who have made their names in the cricketing pantheon as we take a look through the sacred halls of World Cup cricket. 

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Top 5 Most Centuries in ICC Cricket World Cup

1. Rohit Sharma (7)

At seven hundreds, Rohit Sharma is the greatest batsman in Cricket World Cup century records. His incredible achievement in 2019 of scoring five hundreds in a single World Cup edition is evidence of his unparalleled batsmanship. The World Cup century list is where Rohit’s name shines brightest, a monument to his unmatched consistency and game-changing ability. 

2. David Warner (6)

Six thrilling centuries have made Australian David Warner one of the most prolific century makers in World Cup history. He is a powerful player on the international scene because of his unafraid style and early dominance over bowlers. Often defining Australia’s campaigns, Warner’s blitzkrieg runs have cemented his place among the finest World Cup cricket top century makers.

3. Sachin Tendulkar (6)

With six magnificent hundreds to his credit, Sachin Tendulkar has an almost legendary history in World Cup cricket. Known as the ‘God of Cricket’, Tendulkar’s presence at the crease sparked legends of batting brilliance that echo through the annals of cricket. A remembrance to his lasting influence on the game and the hearts of millions of fans worldwide is his record for most centuries in World Cup competitions.

4. Kumar Sangakkara (5)

Five World Cup centuries have put Kumar Sangakkara among the best thanks to his exquisite consistency and elegant cover drives. Both bowlers and captains find him to be a puzzle because of his ability to blend classiness and knowledge. One sign of Sangakkara’s lasting influence in the field of cricket is his presence on the World Cup highest century scorers list.

5. Virat Kohli (5)

Virat Kohli has joined the ranks of the most impressive century scorers in World Cup history with five outstanding innings thanks to his stubborn quest of perfection. Beyond the likes of Ricky Ponting, Kohli’s accomplishments highlight his unquenchable desire for runs and unflinching dedication to cricket brilliance. His presence among the top century scorers in World Cup certainly makes him a cricketing hero.

So these were the top 5 players who scored centuries. These players ensured they could help make the highest team scores in ICC Cricket World Cup

Most Centuries by Players in ICC ODI World Cup

2015-2023RG Sharma (IND)282871575
2015-2023DA Warner (AUS)292961527
1992-2011SR Tendulkar (IND)454462278
2003-2015KC Sangakkara (SL)373551532
2011-2023V Kohli (IND)373751795
1996-2011RT Ponting (AUS)464251743
1999-2007SC Ganguly (IND)212141006
2007-2015AB de Villiers (SA)232241207
1992-1999ME Waugh (AUS)222241004
2007-2015TM Dilshan (SL)272541112

World Cup centuries by country

Below, you will find the highest number of centuries in World Cup by a team.

CountryTotal Centuries
Sri Lanka29
South Africa28
New Zealand20
West Indies13

When it comes to ICC Cricket World Cup live betting, India stays on top because they have so many records to their name. This makes them the top choice for better profits.


Who has the most centuries in World Cup cricket?

Rohit Sharma has the record for most centuries in World Cup. He has scored 7 centuries so far.

How many centuries does Sachin Tendulkar have in World Cup?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 6 centuries in the World Cup. He is third on the World Cup centuries list.

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