most double hundreds in ODI World Cup

Most Double Hundreds in ODI World Cup-200 Run Innings

Do you know which players have scored the most double hundreds in ODI World Cup? Well, we for sure know about Rohit Sharma, but you might not know about these players.

When it comes to controlling the ball in One Day International (ODI) cricket, big batsmen really start to shine around double hundreds. The greatest bowlers in the world are up against batsmen who not only scores century but double up on that achievement. Few can equal such a show of pure power and talent.

In this elite list of batsmen with most 200s in World Cup ODIs are names like Martin Guptill, Rohit Sharma, and Sachin Tendulkar. These aren’t simply numbers; they’re historical events in cricket where these masters showed off their mastery.

Find out the players who have amassed the most double hundreds in Cricket World Cup history as we dig into the exciting world of One Day International cricket.

Top 5 World Cup Cricket Double Centuries

When it comes to World Cup batting records, there are many players who have scored the highest sixes, with the best strike rates

Rohit Sharma

In terms of rewriting the record for most double hundreds in Cricket World Cup, Rohit Sharma is the undisputed king. The ‘Hitman’ has smashed three enormous double tons. His 264-run career best remains the best of ODI batting ability, even with two more double hundreds to his credit—209 and 208**. Rohit is a genuine limited-overs maestro because of his ability to convert starts into massive innings. He is also on the list of the most runs in ICC World Cup by player.

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Martin Guptill

Martin Guptill of New Zealand scored the first double century in One-Day International cricket when he scored 237* against the West Indies. Famous for his aggressive batting approach and love of big scores, Guptill showed in his historic century how he could just crush bowling approaches. His inning totals that still set records bear witness to his supremacy as one of the strongest openers of the modern era. This is how he made his name for the double hundreds in Cricket World Cup history.

Virender Sehwag

The audacious strokeplay and fearless attitude of Indian opener Virender Sehwag have forever changed one Day International cricket. Among his ODI World Cup batting records is his astounding 219 runs against the West Indies. It is proof of his disdainful control over any bowling assault. Sehwag’s double century, an aggressive batting show, changed the definition of what opening batsmanship in the limited-overs game might be. 

Chris Gayle

West Indian Universe Boss Chris Gayle needs no introduction when it comes to creating mayhem on the cricket field. His double century against Zimbabwe is proof of his tremendous hitting power. Gayle’s amazing 215 run innings showed his unparalleled strength and ease of boundary clearing. By his outstanding performance, the ‘Universe Boss’ solidified his place among the most World Cup cricket double centuries.

Fakhar Zaman

Zaman had an amazing time against Zimbabwe as the first Pakistani batsman to score a double century in a One-Day International. His 210* run innings best illustrated his aggressive hitting style and ability to seize the moment on the large stage. Zaman turned as a dangerous player in limited-overs cricket when he demonstrated with an incredible strike that he could damage bowlers of the opposite team.

Most Double Hundreds by a Player in Cricket World Cup

1Rohit SharmaIndia3264, 209, 208*
2Martin GuptillNew Zealand1237*
3Virender SehwagIndia1219
4Chris GayleWest Indies1215
5Fakhar ZamanPakistan1210*
6Pathum NissankaSri Lanka1210*
7Ishan KishanIndia1210
8Shubman GillIndia1208
9Glenn MaxwellAustralia1201*
10Sachin TendulkarIndia1200*

Highest individual scores in Cricket World Cup ODIs

SR Tendulkar (IND)45442278615
V Kohli (IND)37371795512
RT Ponting (AUS)46421,74356
RG Sharma (IND)28281,57576
KC Sangakkara (SL)37351,53257
DA Warner (AUS)29291,52765
Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)36361,332211
BC Lara (WI)34331,22527
AB de Villiers (SA)23221,20746
CH Gayle (WI)35341,18626

Players with more than one 200 in Cricket World Cup

There is only one player who has scored more than one 200 in Cricket World Cup. He is none other than, the hit man Rohit Sharma. He has scored 264, 209,  and 208*. Rohit Sharma is definitely going to smash more runs in the ICC World Cup. If you want to earn big through betting, you can look at the cricket betting tips.


Who has the most double centuries in ODI World Cup history?

Rohit Sharma has scored most double centuries in ODI World Cup history. He scored double century three times.

Who has the highest individual score in ICC ODI World Cup history?

Sachin Tendulkar has the highest individual score in ICC ODI World Cup history. He has scored 2278 runs.

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