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T20 World Cup 2024 Highest Score Team

Highest Score in T20 World Cup: We are definitely sure that the highest score in T20 World Cup 2024 will not be like the year 2022. We have seen very low-scoring matches during the T20 World Cup 2022.

This article about the highest score in T20 World Cup history is a reminder of the powerful batting performances that have dropped fans’ jaws. We have seen Sri Lanka’s early dominance, South Africa’s consistent power-hitting, and England & India’s outstanding contributions. 

The T20 Betting for the World Cup also went high, especially considering the highest score in T20 World Cup 2022

So now, we will be taking you through the amazing records of the T20 World Cup highest score team

Highest Team Scores in ICC Cricket World Cup

Sri Lanka takes the crown with a phenomenal 260 runs against Kenya, showcasing their dominance in the early years of the tournament.

Interestingly, South Africa makes a strong showing, appearing two times in the top five. Their 229/4 against England and 211/5 against Scotland highlight their consistent batting depth across various editions. 

Another encounter between England and South Africa features in the list. England played a battle with 230/8. India joins the party as well with a noteworthy 218/4 against England.

Looking deeper, the highest team scores in ICC Cricket World Cup reveals a trend towards high-scoring matches. 

The lowest score on the top 5 highest team scores in T20 ICC Cricket World Cup list is still an impressive 211. This shows the aggressive batting approach that defines the format. 

Top 5 Highest Team Scores in Cricket World Cup T20

1. Sri Lanka (260/6 vs Kenya, 2007):

Sri Lanka rewrote the cricket record books in the inaugural T20 World Cup. They have shown a batting masterclass against Kenya. Their score of 260/6 stood as the highest score in T20 World Cup for a decade. This shows their early dominance in the shortest format.

2. England (230/8 vs South Africa, 2016):

Another highest score in T20 World Cup saw England put up a valiant chase against a challenging South African batting line-up. Despite falling short of the target, their score of 230/8 remains one of the highest score in T20 World Cup history. This shows their aggressive batting approach.

3. South Africa (229/4 vs England, 2016):

The Proteas flexed their batting muscle in this clash against England. They scored the third highest score in T20 World Cup: 229/4. This dominant display highlights South Africa’s consistent depth in batting talent. They have more contributions across various editions of the tournament.

4. India (218/4 vs England, 2007):

India also finds its place amongst the highest score in T20 World Cup. They are fourth, registering an impressive 218/4 against England in the 2007 World Cup. This early display of power-hitting cemented India’s reputation in the T20 cricket.

5. South Africa (211/5 vs Scotland, 2009):

South Africa makes another appearance in the top 5 with their score of 211/5 against Scotland. This inning showcases their ability to adapt and dominate against teams of all rankings, further solidifying their reputation as a powerhouse in T20 cricket.

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Highest Team Scores in Cricket World Cup History

Match DateTeamScoreAgainstOvers
14 Sep 2007Sri Lanka260/6Kenya20
18 Mar 2016England230/8South Africa19.4
18 Mar 2016South Africa229/4England20
19 Sep 2007India218/4England20
7 Jun 2009South Africa211/5Scotland20
3 No2021India210/2Afghanistan20
20 Mar 2016South Africa209/5Afghanistan20
11 Sep 2007South Africa208/2West Indies17.4
11 Sep 2007West Indies205/6South Africa20
5 Oct 2012West Indies205/4Australia20
27 Oct 2022South Africa205/5Bangladesh20

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