Highest Strike Rate in T20 World Cup

Highest Strike Rate in T20 World Cup 2024

The 2024 T20 World Cup is around the corner and fans are getting very excited to watch their favourite players play cricket. 

There have been many players who have marked their name in the history of T20 World Cup. There are many players who have scored the most runs in ICC World Cup. Some have smashed half centuries, some have smashed even centuries. But do you know who are the ones who have also left a mark? 

These are the players with the highest strike rate in T20 World Cup. They show us that they dont care about if they make a half century or a century. They just want to smash the ball as much as they can. 

Indian batsman Surkyamar Yadav is at the top of the highest strike rate in T20 World Cup all time. Apart from him, there are many players from different nations who have made their name on this list.

These players made sure that they can help to make the highest team scores in ICC Cricket World Cup. So now, without wasting any more time, let’s look at the players with the highest strike rate in T20 World Cup history.

Highest Strike Rate in T20 World Cup History

The table below shows the highest strike rate in T20 World Cup all time:

PlayerTeamMatchesRunsStrike RateAverageHighest ScoreBF1005004S6S
Suryakumar YadavIND10281181.2956.2681550303111
Darren SammyWI25215164.117.942*131002219
Shahid AfridiPAK34546154.21954*3540254921
Marcus StoinisAUS11206151.475259*1360111412
Imran NazirPAK1330015025722000203713
Kevin PietersenENG15580148.345793910406017
Glenn MaxwellAUS24446147.6828743020203823
Joe RootENG6249146.55083170020247
Matthew HaydenAUS6265144.88873*1830403210
Jason RoyENG11306144.331782120213312

Players with Highest Strike Rate in T20 World Cup

1. Suryakumar Yadav

First on the list of the biggest strike rate in T20 World Cup is the king of the castle, Suryakumar Yadav of India. At an astounding 181.29 strike rate, this man is a run machine! 

He’s already become a T20 World Cup icon in just ten matches. Suryakumar is at the top when it comes to the highest strike rate in T20 World Cup India.

2. Darren Sammy

Closely behind comes the West Indian superstar Darren Sammy. With a 164.1 strike rate in 25 matches, he was an outstanding captain and a challenging batsman. He could transform the course of a match by himself.

3. Shahid Afridi

Remember Pakistani great Shahid Afridi? His 154.2 strike rate over 34 matches, though, says it all. Renowned for his explosive batting and erratic six-hitting, this guy was pure entertainment. While betting on the t20 exchange betting app, many fans earned big because of Afridi’s performances in the world cup.

4. Marcus Stoinis

Marcus Stoinis, of Australia, joins the party with a 151.47 strike rate in just 11 matches. Bowlers will have a nightmare as this monster batter may carry the onslaught into the second innings.

5. Imran Nazir

Imran Nazir is another name Pakistan puts into the ring. With a 150 strike rate averaged across 13 matches, this man demonstrated Pakistan’s long tradition of aggressive batting. This makes two players from Pakistan on the list of highest strike rate in T20 international.

6. Kevin Pietersen

Now from England, Kevin Pietersen, nicknamed the “KP” because of his flashy appearance. Striking 148.3 runs in 15 matches, he was not afraid to take chances and confuse bowlers.

7. Glenn Maxwell

An other Australian on the list? It’s Glenn Maxwell, the “Big Show” himself, obviously. After just 24 matches, this all-rounder has a strike rate of 147.68. He is a whole package; his creative strokeplay has the ability to break through any barrier. A list of the top run rates in T20 World Cup is incomplete without Maxwell.

8. Joe Root

Another participant from England is the dependable batsman Joe Root. He could be so explosive as well, who would have thought? With his strike rate of 146.5 in just six matches, he has shown he can dominate in any format.

9. Jason Roy 

The powerful opener, Jason Roy of England with 144.3 strike rate. He gave his team a great advantage in the starting overs of the innings. This puts three players from England on the list of all time best strike rates in T20 World Cup matches.

10. Matthew Hayden 

Matthew Hayden of Australia with a 144.8 strike rate, completes the list of leading scorers in T20 World Cup. This individual gave his team an early advantage by hitting aggressively, setting the tone.

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