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Which Players Have the Most Ducks in T20 World Cup 2024?

Do you know which player has the most ducks in T20 World Cup 2024? Well, there are many big names that will surprise you.

Popular for its fast-paced and exciting cricket action, the T20 World Cup attracts viewers from all across the world. The competition has its fair share of less spectacular events, including players going out for ducks, even if it frequently shows amazing batting skills and spectacular bowling exploits. If these players can get out again, then you can check the odds for upcoming T20 matches and see which players you should pick.

In this post, we explore the topic of the most ducks in T20 World Cup history, looking at the teams and players that regrettably have ended up on the wrong end of the scoreboard even in the World Cup in June.

Golden Ducks in T20 World Cup

Before getting into the complexities, let me define what a “duck” in cricket is. When a batsman is removed without scoring any runs, a duck results. A Golden Duck is a particularly embarrassing occurrence when a player is dismissed on the first ball they come across. There have been several of similar dismissals in the T20 World Cup, which gives the event some unpredictable and dramatic flair.

In the T20 World Cup, several batters have found themselves on the list of players with the most ducks, highlighting the tournament’s challenging nature. Apart from Shahid Afridi, West Indies’ Andre Russell has also been dismissed for a duck, while his compatriot Lendl Simmons has suffered this fate as well.

Indian batters, despite their prowess, have also made this list, with several instances of failing to score in key moments. The tournament’s intense pressure has seen notable players from India, Sri Lanka, and other nations succumb to quick dismissals. In the final stages, such as the T20 World Cup final, these ducks can be particularly crucial.

Even famous bowlers like Ashish Nehra have contributed to these statistics by taking key wickets, including dismissing batters for ducks. This list underscores the unpredictable and high-stakes environment of the T20 World Cup, where every ball and every score matters.

Top 10 Ducks in T20 World Cup 2024

RG MukasaUganda33
A BoharaNepal32
DM NakraniUganda42
Sompal KamiNepal32
J CharlesWest Indies52
FH AllenNew Zealand42
AR RamjaniUganda42
Tanzid HasanBangladesh52
PW HasarangaSri Lanka34
Azam KhanPakistan11

Most Ducks in T20 World Cup History

Legendary Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi holds the unfortunate mark for the most ducks in T20 World Cup history. Afridi, known for his aggressive playing style, played in multiple T20 World Cups, often registering scores quickly.

However, he also registered many ducks, failing to open his account in crucial matches. His total number of ducks stands out in the tournament’s history. Similarly, Sri Lankan star Tillakaratne Dilshan, despite his impressive career, also recorded multiple ducks. These records highlight the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket, where even top players can fail to score on any given day. Let’s take a look at the list.

1. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

Shahid Afridi, among the most explosive performers in T20 cricket history, also has the sad record of recording the most ducks in T20 World Cup history. Over 32 innings, Afridi, who played from 2007 to 2016, accumulated five ducks. Afridi’s career was noted for his early getting out tendency, even if his aggressive batting and highest strike rate in World Cup delivered many amazing moments.

  • Span: 2007-2016
  • Matches: 34
  • Innings: 32
  • Runs: 546
  • Ducks: 5

2. Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka)

Having five ducks in the T20 World Cup, another aggressive top-order batsman Tilakaratne Dilshan is tied with Afridi. From 2007 to 2016, Dilshan’s career stretched out and he developed a reputation for his creative shots and consistent performance. His record does, however, also show a few regrettable early dismissals.

  • Span: 2007-2016
  • Matches: 35
  • Innings: 34
  • Runs: 897
  • Ducks: 5

3. George Dockrell (Ireland)

Irish all-rounder George Dockrell has struggled with the bat in T20 World Cups, compiling four ducks in six outings. Although Dockrell is mostly recognized for his bowling, his bat problems have been somewhat noteworthy.

  • Span: 2010-2024
  • Matches: 19
  • Innings: 11
  • Runs: 144
  • Ducks: 4

4. Calum MacLeod (Scotland)

Calum MacLeod of Scotland is also on this list having four ducks. His T20 World Cup batting average of 8.45 draws attention to his difficulties producing major contributions with the bat.

  • Span: 2009-2022
  • Matches: 13
  • Innings: 11
  • Runs: 93
  • Ducks: 4

5. Roelof van der Merwe (Netherlands/South Africa)

Representing the Netherlands as well as South Africa, Roelof van der Merwe has four ducks from T20 World Cups. Though most known for his bowling, van der Merwe’s poor scores clearly show his difficulties with batting.

  • Span: 2009-2022
  • Matches: 21
  • Innings: 13
  • Runs: 19
  • Ducks: 4

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