T20 World Cup Winners List

T20 World Cup Winners List

Some people in certain regions of the world call cricket a religion. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup has seen changes in the shorter form of the game. From the first match in 2007 to the most recent one in 2022, the world cup winners list t20 has seen many names.

This event has been a roller coaster of exciting matches, great performances, and moments that will go down in cricket history. If you love T20 cricket, then you can earn big with T20 betting. Let’s look at the T20 World Cup Winners List from 2007 to 2024 and learn about the stories of winners, the heartbreaks of runners-up, and the joys of cricket success. 

T20 World Cup 2024

What’s Cooking in the 2024 Edition?

People are more excited than ever about the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Cricket fans are in for a treat because the United States and the West Indies are putting on this show together. With 20 teams instead of 15, the competition is sure to be more exciting, with more countries competing for the grand prize. As the selection process goes on and excitement grows, cricket fever is spreading around the world, making it ready for a show like no other.

Country hosts and venues

This is the first time in history that both the United States and the West Indies are co-hosting a big ICC cricket event. This is a big step forward for cricket’s world growth because it lets it reach the growing number of fans in the US. 

Expanded Format and Qualification Process

The 2024 version will have 20 teams competing, so it will be very tough and leave no room for surrender. Only eight teams have already secured their spots in the main event. The rest of the spots will be hotly fought for through regional qualifiers. This open method not only makes the game more competitive, but it also gives new cricketing countries a chance to show off their skills on a global level.

T20 World Cup Winners

There was a first T20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007. India made history by winning that first tournament. Over the years, cricketing giants such as Pakistan, England, the West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Australia have left their mark on the event by showing how good they are at the smallest form of the game.

T20 cricket has become more famous in recent years, with exciting matches, amazing performances, and unexpected wins. From the West Indies’ Caribbean style to Australia’s clinical accuracy, each winner left their mark on the past of cricket.

T20 World Cup Winners List from 2007 to 2024: Full List of Champions

YearHost CountryWinner
2007South AfricaIndia
2010West IndiesEngland
2012Sri LankaWest Indies
2014BangladeshSri Lanka
2016IndiaWest Indies

T20 World Cup Winners List – Awards

Below, you will find a table about the T20 World Cup winners list men. It shows about the greatest players in the T20 World Cup.

YearWinnerRunner-UpPlayer of the SeriesTop Run ScorerHighest Wicket TakerVenue
2007IndiaPakistanShahid AfridiMatthew HaydenUmar GulSouth Africa
2009PakistanSri LankaTillakaratne DilshanTillakaratne DilshanUmar GulEngland
2010EnglandAustraliaKevin PietersenMahela JayawardeneDirk NannesWest Indies
2012West IndiesSri LankaShane WatsonShane WatsonAjantha MendisSri Lanka
2014Sri LankaIndiaVirat KohliVirat KohliAjantha MendisBangladesh
2016West IndiesEnglandVirat KohliTamim IqbalMustafizur RahmanIndia
2021AustraliaNew ZealandMitchell MarshBabar AzamAdam ZampaUAE/Oman
2022EnglandPakistanSam CurranVirat KohliWanindu HasarangaAustralia

T20 World Cup Winners List- Country-wise

Below is the ICC T20 World Cup winners list country wise. This is for you to understand which country has won the tournament the most.

Country NameNo. of times WinnerYear
West Indies22012, 2016
England22010, 2022
Sri Lanka12014

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Complete T20 World Cup Winners Details

Here are the complete details of the T20 World Cup winners list from 2007 to 2022.

2022 World Cup Winners list T20- England

The most recent on the World Cup winners list t20 is England. The winner of the T20 World Cup 2022 is England. There were some difficult matches and close encounters on the way to success. Pakistan’s dominance made them the first team in the finals. England, on the other hand, beat the unbeaten Indian team by 10 wickets to reach the final. England dominated the final match and won the tournament.

2021 World Cup Winners list T20- Australia

Australia was the best team in the T20 World Cup 2021. They won their first-ever ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Australia made history by beating New Zealand in a thrilling final match. They won by 8 wickets. Mitchell Marsh’s performance won him the Player of the Match award.

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2016 World Cup Winners list T20- West Indies

The fact that West Indies won the T20 World Cup for the second time in 2016 shows how good they are at cricket. West Indies showed off their skill and toughness in an exciting final against England. They came out on top and made their name in cricket history second time.

2014 World Cup Winners list T20- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s run to victory in the 2014 T20 World Cup was a big step forward in their cricketing history. Sri Lanka showed steely nerves in a thrilling final match against India, winning their first T20 World Cup and making their name in the history of cricket.

2012 ICC T20 World Cup winners list- West Indies

West Indies won its first T20 World Cup in 2012, which was a moment of pure joy for the Caribbean country. West Indies showed how good they were at cricket in a thrilling final against host country Sri Lanka. They won the tournament and made history in cricket.

2010 ICC T20 World Cup winner- England

This was the first time a team from outside Asia won the T20 World Cup. It was won by England. In a thrilling final match against Australia, England showed grit and drive to win, making their name one of the cricketing greats.

T20 World Cup 2009 Winner- Pakistan

In the first T20 World Cup, Pakistan came in second place, but they made up for it by winning the title in 2009. England hosted the tournament, and Pakistan showed how good they are at cricket by beating Sri Lanka in an exciting final and making history in cricket.

T20 World Cup 2007 Winner- India

While MS Dhoni was captain, India won the first-ever T20 World Cup in 2007. They made history in cricket. In a very close final against their biggest enemies Pakistan, India showed they had the strong power to win the title and start a new era of cricket success.

So these were all the t20 cricket World Cup winners list. 

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