ICC Elite Panel Umpires Salary

How Much is the ICC Elite Panel Umpires Salary?

It’s easy to overlook the men and women who make sure the game is run fairly and smoothly—the umpires—while you are watching a fierce cricket match. But have you ever considered their pay among elite officials? Cricket fans all around are naturally curious about the salary of ICC umpire

Additionally, with the growing popularity of Match betting T20 cricket, understanding the stakes at play can give fans a new perspective on the sport. Now let’s go into the specifics and find the financial benefits for these game gatekeepers.

What is the Salary of ICC Elite Panel Umpires?

At the height of cricket officiating are ICC Elite Panel umpires. Their pay represents their knowledge, experience, and vital part in international games. ICC Elite Panel umpires make, on average, between $100,000 and $120,000 (₹82 lakh and ₹98 lakh). This base pay guarantees they are paid for their availability and willingness to referee different events all around the world.

Apart from their basic pay, ICC Elite Panel umpires enjoy many advantages. When on tour, these cover daily allowances, lodging, and travel allowances. Given the considerable travel needed to officiate in other nations over the cricketing calendar, these benefits are absolutely vital.

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List of ICC Elite Panel Umpires Salary in 2024

Below you will find the ICC cricket umpire salary.

Umpire NamesAnnual SalariesICCT20ODITest
Aleem Dar$100,000$3,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Bruce Oxenford$100,0003,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Christopher Gaffaney$100,0003,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Joel Wilson$100,0003,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Marais Erasmus$100,0003,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Michael Gough$100,0003,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Nigel Llong$100,0003,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Paul Reiffel$100,0003,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Richard Illingworth$100,000$3,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Richard Kettleborough$100,000$3,000$1,500$3,000$5,000
Rodney Tucker$100,000$3,000$850$3,000$5,000
David Boon$40,000$3,000$850$1,500$2,500
Chris Broad$40,000$3,000$850$1,500$2,500
Jeffrey Crowe$40,000$3,000$850$1,500$2,500
Ranjan Madugalle$40,000$3,000$850$1,500$2,500
Andrew Pycroft$40,000$3,000$850$1,500$2,500
Richie Richardson$40,000$3,000$850$1,500$2,500
Javagal Srinath$40,000$3,000$850$1,500$2,500

What is the ICC umpires salary per match?

Match Fees for Different Formats

Apart from their pay every year, ICC Elite Panel umpires get a match fee for every game they oversee. The form of the match determines the fee. For a Test match, umpires usually make about $3,000 (₹2.45 lakh); for a One Day International (ODI), they typically make $1,000 (₹82,000); for a T20 International, they typically make $700 (₹57,000).

Comparing Match Fees Across Formats

Test match fees reflect the longer length and greater demands of officiating in the conventional game form. Although ODIs and T20s are shorter and draw less fees, for umpires officiating in several formats, the earnings can quickly mount up.

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How Does the Salary of ICC Cricket Umpires Compare to Players?

ICC umpires make little compared to the pay of elite cricket players. Through salaries, sponsorships, and endorsements, star cricketers can make millions of dollars yearly. Still, the ICC umpires salary is rather competitive when compared to other professions and guarantees they are fairly paid for their vital position in the game.

Though pay differs, being an ICC Elite Panel umpire is esteemed. Respected members of the cricket community, these umpires’ rulings might affect the result of high-stakes events. Being a member of the elite panel brings great honor and recognition, which is priceless and enhances the whole remuneration package.

Lower-Tier ICC International Panel Umpires’ Earnings

Although the Elite Panel gets most of the attention, ICC International Panel umpires also play a major part in refereeing international events. Though less than those of the Elite Panel, their pay and match fees are still rather good. With match fees of $1,500 (₹1.22 lakh) for Test matches, $750 (₹61,000) for ODIs, and $500 (₹41,000), international panel umpires usually make between $40,000 and $50,000 annually.

Beginning on the International Panel can be a stepping stone for future umpires toward the Elite Panel. Experience, consistent performance, and ongoing training allow these umpires to progress and raise their income and reputation in the cricketing community.

What Factors Influence the Salary of ICC Umpires?

Experience and Reputation

ICC elite panel umpires salary depends much on experience and reputation. Higher pay and more prestigious assignments often follow from years of officiating and a reputation for accuracy and fairness.

Frequency of Assignments

An ICC umpires salary also depends on the number of matches they oversee in a year. Match fees allow umpires selected for major events and series to greatly increase their income.

Extra Projects and Competitions

Big events like the ICC Champions Trophy or the World Cup sometimes have extra bonuses and more match fees. Selected umpires for these events can make large earnings, so improving their whole pay-back.

Conclusion: Is Being an ICC Umpire a Profitable Career?

Ultimately, although not on par with the best cricket players, the pay of ICC Elite Panel umpires is rather appealing and fairly reflects their important contribution in the game. These umpires are fairly paid for their knowledge and dedication, combining a solid base pay, match fees, and several benefits.

A career as an ICC umpire offers those who are passionate about cricket and officiating not only financial advantages but also the dignity and respect of contributing to the game at its highest level. Understanding the earnings and benefits of ICC umpires helps one to appreciate their importance in the game, regardless of whether one is a fan fascinated by the finances or an aspirant umpire.

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