Umpire Salary In IPL

Umpire Salary In IPL

Do you know what is the umpire salary in IPL? What is the salary of an umpire in the IPL 2024? There are several factors and we have covered everything in detail.

It isn’t just about showiness, the sixes, and high scoring matches. Most importantly, there are men in white – umpires. These people can take actions that change the course of a game and their rich experience ensures fair play is upheld. In addition to players, some IPL umpires pocket fat paychecks too; among the highest around the world. 

The IPL’s umpiring system is clearly set up in a hierarchy. The salary of umpire in the IPL is determined by their level of experience and their placing on the elite or developmental panel. The highest wages go to experienced umpires who work in high-profile games. These umpires are often called the “elite panel.” According to reports, the umpire salary per match in IPL can run anywhere from 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh (roughly USD 2,000 to USD 2,650).

Let’s get into the details of umpire salary in the IPL and ultimately find out what is the salary of umpire in IPL.

Complete List of Umpire Salary in IPL 2024

NameCountrySalary per MatchIPL Matches officiated
Anil ChaudharyIndia₹ 1,98,000.00121
Nitin MenonIndia₹ 1,98,000.0094
Chris GaffaneyNew Zealand₹ 1,98,000.0077
KN AnanthapadmanabhanIndia₹ 1,98,000.0065
Bruce OxenfordAustralia₹ 1,98,000.0064
Rod TuckerAustralia₹ 1,98,000.0062
Virender SharmaIndia₹ 1,98,000.0056
Yeshwant BardeIndia₹ 1,98,000.0033
Nand KishoreIndia₹ 1,98,000.0031
Ulhas GandheIndia₹ 1,98,000.0023
Jayaraman MadanagopalIndia₹ 1,98,000.0020
Michael GoughEngland₹ 59,000.0018
Nikhil PatwardhanIndia₹ 59,000.0013
Tapan SharmaIndia₹ 59,000.0013
Saiyed KhalidIndia₹ 59,000.0012
Navdeep SinghIndia₹ 59,000.0012
Sadashiv IyerIndia₹ 59,000.0012
Rohan PanditIndia₹ 59,000.0011
Vinod SeshanIndia₹ 59,000.007
MV Saidharshan KumarIndia₹ 59,000.006
Akshay TotreIndia₹ 59,000.006

How much money does an IPL umpire earn per match?

Elite Umpires: The most experienced and respected umpires who officiate in big games constitute this group. They probably earn among other umpires’ salaries ranging between ₹5-7 lakh per match (about USD 6,500 – USD 9,100) during 2024 season if we observe carefully through this figure. Some examples include Anil Chaudhary, Nitin Menon and Chris Gaffaney as well as Simon Fry.

Developmental Umpires: Such officials are beginner umpires who continue studying while working for IPL. Comparing them to Elite Umpires they might get around ₹3-5 lakh per match business (approximately USD 3,900 – USD 6,500) in year 2024.

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Top 5 Highest Paid Umpires in IPL History

If you are searching for the top 5 highest paid umpires in IPL history or the top 5 highest paid umpires in IPL 2024 then take a look at the table below:

Umpire NameSalary per MatchSponsorship
ANIL CHAUDHARY₹198000₹733000
NITIN MENON₹198000₹733000
PAUL REIFFEL₹198000₹733000

The Elite Panel

Looking at the table given, these are top earners in the IPL:

The Top 5 Highest Earning Umpires in IPL: The main objective of this analysis is to identify who earns what based on the information provided above. This means that it will analyze those individuals whose earnings are listed in order from highest to lowest according to the values above; Anil Chaudhary with ₹198000; Chettithody Shamshuddin with ₹198000; Christopher Gaffaney with ₹198000; Nitin Menon with ₹198000 and Paul Reiffel’s fee is also equal to USD 2,650.

Their long involvement and knowhow in performing during the hot seat of IPL matches are reflected by these numbers. It took them many years to become experts in this game, to understand its intricacies, and stay cool-headed when all eyes were on them; as a result, they have risen to the top level of IPL umpiring.

Beyond the Match Fee

Incredibly, in the table, it also points out that most money earned by these leading umpires will come from sponsorships amounting to ₹733,000 (about USD 9,700) per match. This means that their fame is not anymore confined within cricket circles only. 

Sponsors take advantage of their standing among players on the ground to get more attention from bigger audiences making such elite referees even more prominent. A glimpse into a money-making career for the best performing umpires in the IPL can be seen through their combined earnings from match fees and sponsorship deals.

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