Sikkim State Lottery Sambad: Your Gateway to Excitement and Big Wins

Are you prepared to gamble your money and possibly win prizes worth transforming your life? You need look no farther than the Sikkim State Lottery Sambad! From reading results to grasping the prize structure, this guide will bring you through all you need to know about Sikkim’s fascinating lottery system.

Let’s quickly take a look at Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Today’s result.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad

Every day, the Sikim Lottery Sambad gives bettors the possibility to win big prizes several times over. Draws in the morning, midday, and evening help the Sikkim Lottery maintain the buzz all day. 

Managed by the government, this lottery system guarantees fairness and openness, therefore establishing confidence in all lottery players. Similarly, the Nagaland Lottery Sambad also offers multiple draws

Sikkim Lottery Result Today 1PM, 6PM, and 8 PM

The excitement of checking the Sikkim Lottery Result Today at different times is unparalleled. Whether you are looking at the 1:00 PM morning result, the 6:00 PM evening result, or the 8:00 PM night result, each draw brings a new wave of anticipation and hope.

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad 24th July, 1 PM Result 

Sikkim Lottery Sambad 1 PM Result

Sikkim Lottery Result 23th July, 6PM Result 

Sikkim Lottery Result 6PM Result 

Sikkim Lottery Result 23th July, 8PM Result 

Sikkim Lottery 8PM Result 

Sikkim Lottery 2024 Draw Results Chart

The Sikkim Lottery Result Chart is a must-have for individuals who enjoy tracking their luck or studying past performance. It offers a detailed record of past draw results, which enables players to grasp trends and maybe plan for next drawings.

Sikkim State Lottery First Prize Winner Details

Winning the first prize in the Sikkim State Lottery can be a life-changing event. The first prize for most draws is a staggering ₹99,00,000, along with a super prize of ₹1,00,000. Imagine the possibilities that come with such a win—paying off debts, buying a new home, or even starting a business. Likewise, the West Bengal State Lottery Sambad presents large prizes too, which boosts the thrill and chances available to players. 

Daily Lottery Tickets List for Sikkim State Lottery

Sikkim State Lottery offers a variety of daily tickets, each with its own unique name and draw time. Here’s a quick look at the daily schedule:

  • Monday: Dear Dwarka Monday Weekly
  • Tuesday: Dear Godavari Tuesday Weekly
  • Wednesday: Dear Indus Wednesday Weekly
  • Thursday: Dear Mahanadi Thursday Weekly
  • Friday: Dear Meghna Friday Weekly
  • Saturday: Dear Narmada Saturday Weekly
  • Sunday: Dear Yamuna Sunday Weekly

Sikkim State Lottery – 2:00 PM

TicketWeek Day
Dear Dwarka Monday WeeklyMonday
Dear Godavari Tuesday WeeklyTuesday
Dear Indus Wednesday WeeklyWednesday
Dear Mahanadi Thursday WeeklyThursday
Dear Meghna Friday WeeklyFriday
Dear Narmada Saturday WeeklySaturday
Dear Yamuna Sunday WeeklySunday

Complete Prize Breakdown for Sikkim State Lottery Draw

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the prize structure for Sikkim State Lottery:


Total Prizes

Super Prize Amount

Prize Amount (₹)

























This structured prize system ensures that there are many winners in each draw, spreading joy and fortune across a wide range of participants.

How to Check Sikkim Lottery Result Today

Checking your Sikkim Lottery results is straightforward and quick. Follow these steps to see if you’ve struck it lucky:

  1. Visit the official Sikkim Lotteries website.
  2. Navigate to the results section.
  3. Select the specific draw date and name you wish to check.
  4. A results page will display the winning numbers.
  5. Cross-check your ticket numbers with the winning numbers.
  6. Celebrate if you’re a winner and proceed to claim your prize!

Sikkim State Lottery 13.6.2024 Today 1PM Morning Lottery Sambad Result

The Sikkim State Lottery 13.6.2024 morning draw is particularly special. Known as the DEAR PADMA MORNING draw, this event happens every Thursday at 1:00 PM. It’s a perfect mid-week pick-me-up, and the results are updated promptly at 1:10 PM, providing participants with a quick answer to their hopeful anticipation.


The Sikkim State Lottery Sambad offers an exciting opportunity to win substantial prizes daily. With multiple draws and a transparent system, it’s no wonder that so many people participate with hopes of changing their fortunes. 

Remember to check your results promptly and follow the proper steps to claim any prizes. Good luck, and may your ticket, whether it’s for the Sikkim or the Kerala State Lottery Sambad, be the next winning one!

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