Lowest Score Defended In IPL

Lowest Score Defended In IPL

Do you know about the lowest score defended in IPL? Well, you might not know about this team for sure. Take a look at the top 10 lowest Score defended in IPL.

The IPL is famous because of its explosive batting and great scoring matches, but what really makes it interesting is that it is unpredictable. While most balls are hit for sixes or boundaries, there have been a few instances which have gone against the tide – these are the matches which demonstrate the importance of good bowling and fielding.

Let’s say that a team in their first innings scores only 116 runs. They should lose this match, shouldn’t they? Well, not always! The Chennai Super Kings who are five-time IPL champions made this possible in 2009 when they defended the lowest total in IPL history against Kings XI Punjab. Their bowlers were very disciplined; they managed to restrict Punjab to just 92 runs thereby winning a famous match.

There are low-scoring games amid high-scoring ones during an edition of IPL. But, such events where teams defend themself from scoring lowest totals bring out its true character as a tournament. Even Wankhede Stadium, known for being lively and helpful for batsmen had experienced Sunrisers Hyderabad shocking Mumbai Indians with similar tactics back in 2018 by bowling them out on 87 having scored just 118 themselves.

What do these moments show us? The lowest scores defended in IPL history are not uncommon.! You don’t need to score huge runs; all you require is exceptional discipline backed up by capitalization on key moments which often come once every over at least twice per game if not more frequently.

Who has the record of lowest totals defended in Indian Premier League

The IPL has a reputation for being characterized by explosive batting and high scores, but there have also been some incredible cases in which teams have defended ridiculously low totals. Below are a few of the most exciting examples of the lowest score defended in IPL:

  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK) – 116 vs Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) in 2009: It is still the lowest score ever defended in IPL. They made only 116 runs, but their bowlers took up the challenge and restricted KXIP to 92 runs thereby achieving a famous win. This is why they are five time champions and know how to win with low scores in second innings apart from high scoring matches.
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) – 118 vs Mumbai Indians (MI) in 2018: SRH scored a below-par total of just 118, however it was enough as their bowlers crushed star-studded MI batting line-up to record an unexpected victory with them all out for just 87.
  • Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) – 119 vs Mumbai Indians (MI) in 2009: In another thriller against MI that same season, KXIP could manage only 119 runs. But MI paid the price for not showing respect to such modest target when they were bowled out for one run less thus demonstrating why IPL is so unpredictable.

These examples accentuate the role played by bowling and fielding in T20 cricket. A team can defend even small totals if it bowls exceptionally well and seizes key moments in the game which shows how important these aspects are within this format.

Now let’s look at other records of the lowest score defended in IPL.

Lowest score defended in IPL scorecard

Chennai Super Kings 

George Baileyrun out (Yuvraj Singh)151230125
Parthiv Patelb Powar322341139.13
Suresh Rainac Lee b Mota20212095.23
S Badrinathc Pathan b Sreesanth490044.44
MS Dhoni (c)b Sreesanth2200100
Jacob Oramc & b Pathan17211080.95
Manpreet Gonyb Chawla7501140
Ravichandran Ashwinc Pomersbach b Pathan8151053.33
Thilan Thushararun out (Katich/†Sangakkara)150020
Lakshmipathy Balajinot out260033.33
Muthiah Muralidarannot out1100100
Extras(b 3, lb 2, w 2)7

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BOWLINGOversMaidenRunsWicketsECON0s4s6sWideNo Ball
Brett Lee401604142000
Irfan Pathan403228104110
Ramesh Powar401914.75112000
Piyush Chawla201316.550100
Wilkin Mota2081440000

Kings XI Punjab 

Sunny Sohalc Patel b Thushara390033.33
Simon Katichb Muralidaran8131061.53
Luke Pomersbachc Raina b Muralidaran26321181.25
Yuvraj Singh (c)b Raina6190031.57
Kumar Sangakkara (WK)c & b Ashwin790077.77
Wilkin Motalbw b Ashwin5100050
Irfan Pathanc Oram b Thushara141210116.66
Brett Leec Oram b Raina671085.71
Piyush Chawlanot out4400100
Ramesh Powarnot out7510140
Extras(lb 3, w 3)6
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 4.60)92/8

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BOWLINGOversMaidenRunsWicketsECON0s4s6sWideNo Ball
Manpreet Gony20904.561000
Thilan Thushara402827111120
Muthiah Muralidaran40822160000
Ravichandran Ashwin401323.25120000
Suresh Raina401724.25121010
Lakshmipathy Balaji20140762000

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Top 10 lowest Score defended in IPL

Below we will see the lowest score defended in IPL history:

  1. Chennai Super Kings – 116/9 vs Kings XI Punjab (2009): CSK holds the record for the lowest score ever defended, winning by 24 runs.
  2. Sunrisers Hyderabad – 118 vs Mumbai Indians (2018): SRH stunned MI by 31 runs despite a below-par score.
  3. Kings XI Punjab – 119/8 vs Mumbai Indians (2009): KXIP edged out MI by a mere 1 run in another thrilling encounter.
  4. Sunrisers Hyderabad – 119/8 vs Pune Warriors (2013): SRH defeated Pune Warriors by 11 runs in a low-scoring match.
  5. Mumbai Indians – 120/9 vs Pune Warriors (2012): MI secured a narrow 1-run victory against Pune Warriors.
  6. Punjab Kings – 125/7 vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (2021): PBKS emerged victorious by 5 runs in a close contest.
  7. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 126/8 vs Chennai Super Kings (2008): RCB defeated CSK by 14 runs despite a modest total.
  8. Sunrisers Hyderabad – 126/6 vs Pune Warriors (2013): SRH prevailed over Pune Warriors by 22 runs.
  9. Kings XI Punjab – 126/7 vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (2020): KXIP outplayed SRH by 12 runs in another low-scoring thriller.
  10. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 126/9 vs Lucknow Super Giants (2023): RCB secured an 18-run win against LSG.

So these were the lowest score defended in IPL all time.


Q: What is the lowest score ever defended in the IPL?

A: The lowest score ever defended in the IPL is 116 runs, achieved by Chennai Super Kings against Kings XI Punjab in 2009.

Q: Which teams have successfully defended the lowest totals in the IPL?

A: Several teams have pulled off this feat, including Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kings XI Punjab, and Mumbai Indians.

Q: Are there any famous instances of low scores being defended in the IPL?

A: Yes! CSK’s victory with 116 runs in 2009 and SRH’s win over Mumbai Indians with just 118 runs in 2018 are some remarkable examples.

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