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Top 5 Best IPL Finisher in 2024

Do you know who is the best IPL finisher and who will be the best in 2024? Here’s our prediction on the topic.

In the high-octane world of cricket, the Indian Premier League (IPL) stands out as a spectacle of breathtaking finishes and nail-biting encounters. Amidst the thrill of every match, the role of a finisher is pivotal, often determining the fate of teams. In this article, we delve deep into the statistics and dynamics behind the Best IPL Finisher. Below, you will find a table that shows the 3 best IPL finisher who’s impact was on another level that contributed their team to win the match they were going to lose.

Best IPL Finisher
2014MS Dhoni172
2022David Miller171
2023Rinku Singh137

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Understanding the Role of an IPL Finisher

In the context of IPL cricket, a finisher is a player entrusted with the responsibility of steering the team towards victory during the closing stages of the match. This involves showcasing exceptional batting prowess under pressure, often chasing daunting targets or finishing innings with a flourish.

Key Attributes of a Best IPL Finisher

  • Coolness Under Pressure: The ability to remain calm and composed in tense situations.
  • Big-hitting Ability: Proficiency in hitting boundaries and sixes consistently.
  • Adaptability: Being versatile enough to adapt to different match situations and conditions.
  • Game Awareness: Having a keen understanding of the match scenario and required run rate.

Analyzing the Statistics

Top Performers Over the Years

Using comprehensive statistical data from IPL seasons, we identify the top performers who have earned the title of the Best IPL Finisher.

Leading Run Scorers in IPL

Check out the table below that displays the leading run scoreres in IPL:

PlayerMatches PlayedRuns ScoredAverageStrike Rate50s100s
MS Dhoni2044,84040.65137.85230
AB de Villiers1764,84940.4151.91383
Kieron Pollard1643,12729.05150.87150
Andre Russell821,67329.42179.3440
Hardik Pandya921,58829.4154.7740

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5 Best IPL Finishers

Check out the table below that displays the best IPL finishers:

PlayerRunsStrike RateAverageSixesHighest Score
Kieron Pollard341214731.14236109*
Andre Russell226218431.5915888*
MS Dhoni (retired)497813837.84248148*
Rohit Sharma449713331.55246125*
David Miller250514434.8190101*

Best IPL Finishers in 2023

Check out the table below that displays the best IPL finishers in 2023:

PlayerRunsStrike RateAverageSixesHighest Score
Shimron Hetmyer (RR)31416344.852470*
David Miller (GT)2801414018101*
Rinku Singh (KKR)21418435.661749*
Nicholas Pooran (SRH)20716934.51673*
Tim David (MI)186217311654*

Best Death Overs Players in IPL

Check out the table below that displays the best death overs players in IPL:

PlayerStrike RateAverageSixes per Over
Andre Russell192.3281.17
Kieron Pollard186.98291.13
Sunil Narine183.33251.05
Dinesh Karthik179.22290.97
Hardik Pandya178.23291.04

Impactful Innings

Several unforgettable innings stand out as testaments to the prowess of these finishers:

  • MS Dhoni’s 84* off 48 balls against RCB in 2019.
  • AB de Villiers’ 133* off 59 balls against MI in 2015.
  • Kieron Pollard’s 87* off 34 balls against KXIP in 2019.
  • Andre Russell’s 88* off 36 balls against RCB in 2019.
  • Hardik Pandya’s 91* off 34 balls against KKR in 2019.

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Who Will Be the Best IPL Finisher in 2024?

The IPL’s final overs are a cauldron of pressure and excitement, where the fate of the match hangs precariously on every swing of the bat. In this high-stakes arena, the finisher emerges as the hero, a player who thrives under pressure and guides their team to victory. But with a new season upon us, who will reign supreme as the best IPL finisher in 2024? Predicting the future is a risky game, but let’s analyze some strong contenders and their chances of wearing the finisher’s crown:

IPL 2024 Young Players:

  • Shimron Hetmyer (Rajasthan Royals): The left-hander has impressed with his cool head and clean hitting in the middle overs. His ability to rotate the strike and find boundaries makes him a dangerous and the best IPL finisher. If he can improve his power hitting and consistency, he could be a major force.
  • Rinku Singh (Kolkata Knight Riders): After a breakout season in IPL 2023, Rinku’s fearless hitting and adaptability in pressure situations have grabbed everyone’s attention. However, he lacks experience and needs to prove his consistency over a longer period.
  • Rahul Tewatia (Gujarat Titans): The “Gujarat Gunda” is known for his ability to turn the tide with his six-hitting prowess. His partnership with Rashid Khan in the death overs proved lethal for GT in their title run. Can he maintain his form and adapt to different roles within the team?

The X-Factors:

  • Tim David (Mumbai Indians): The Australian powerhouse has impressed with his clean hitting and calmness under pressure. He might not have the experience of others, but his raw power and adaptability make him a potential game-changer in the death overs.
  • Romario Shepherd (Mumbai Indians): Similar to David, Shepherd possesses raw power and the ability to hit big sixes at will. His all-round skills add another dimension to MI’s finishing options. If they can manage his temperament and utilize his skills strategically, he could be a surprise package.

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Predicting the unpredictable:

Choosing the best IPL finisher is inherently subjective and depends on various factors like form, pressure handling, and adaptability. While established veterans like Russell and Pollard remain contenders, their age and recent dip in form raise questions. Exciting young talents like Hetmyer and Rinku have the potential to take the mantle, but consistency is key. The X-factors like David and Shepherd offer intriguing possibilities, but their lack of experience adds uncertainty.

Ultimately, the 2024 IPL is set to be a battleground for finishers, each vying for the coveted title. Injuries, unexpected performances, and strategic decisions by teams will play a crucial role in determining who truly deserves the crown. So, buckle up, cricket fans, because the final overs of IPL 2024 promise to be an electrifying spectacle where the next finishing legend might just be born!

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