Most runs in ICC World Cup

Most Runs in ICC World Cup by Player 

Most runs in ICC World Cup: Do you know who has scored the most runs in ICC World Cup and most run in World Cup T20? Well, there are some names that might surprise you. You will find players in the list that are currently retired and still nobody has surpassed them.

This shows how strong they were in the ICC World Cup. Below we are going to talk about the most runs in ICC World Cup by players so read it till the end.

Most run in ICC World Cup by Team Players


Player Mat Inns Runs 100 50 4s 6s
SR Tendulkar (IND) 45 44 2278 6 15 241 27
V Kohli (IND) 37 37 1795 5 12 159 14
RT Ponting (AUS) 46 42 1743 5 6 145 31
RG Sharma (IND) 28 28 1575 7 6 166 54
KC Sangakkara (SL) 37 35 1532 5 7 147 14
DA Warner (AUS) 29 29 1527 6 5 154 41
Shakib Al Hasan (BAN) 36 36 1332 2 11 128 12
BC Lara (WI) 34 33 1225 2 7 131 17
AB de Villiers (SA) 23 22 1207 4 6 121 37
CH Gayle (WI) 35 34 1186 2 6 116 49

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Top 10 most run in ICC World Cup

Below we are going to talk about the most runs in ICC World Cup scored by a player.

1. Sachin Tendulkar (2,278 Runs)

First on the list of the most runs in ICC World Cup is the great Sachin Tendulkar. He has the most ICC World Cup runs, with an amazing 2,278. This shows how consistent he was over six World Cups. Even more impressively, he scored 152 runs in a single match, showing that he could control the bowling attack.

2. Virat Kohli (1,795 runs)

Virat Kohli, one of the most dangerous batsman in IPL and India, is right behind him with 1,795 runs. People call him “King” for a reason, and with five centuries, he’s made his mark as a World Cup great. When it comes to IPL, he is the king of IPL.

3. Ricky Ponting (1,743 runs)

With a huge 1,743 runs, Australian legend Ricky Ponting is not far behind in third place. He may not have the most centuries (5), but he has made a huge impact to the game as a whole.

4. Rohit Sharma (1,575 runs)

Another Indian player on the list of World Cup top run scorer is Rohit Sharma. With more than 1,500 runs, Rohit makes it into the top 5. His highest number of 140 shows how aggressively he bats. He is known for getting off to a fast start.

5. Kumar Sangakkara (1,532 runs)

With over 1,500 runs, Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka’s best batter, joins the top group at number 5. Because of how well he plays, he has scored five centuries in the World Cup. His strike rate was always amazing in the World Cup.

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6. David Warner (1,527 runs)

One of the best openers in the world is David Warner from Australia. He jumps to number 6 on the list with more than 1,500 runs, including a huge 178!

7. Shakib Al Hasan (1,332 runs)

Shakib Al Hasan, an all-rounder from Bangladesh, comes in at number 7 as a surprise. He has scored 1332 runs in ICC World Cup. Not only is he dangerous with the bat (with over 1,300 runs), but he is also dangerous with the ball.

8. Brian Lara (1,225 runs)

Two stars from the West Indies are in the top ten. First is Brian Lara. He is known for his style. Moreover, he has scored 1225 runs in 33 innings. He is truly a goat of cricket.

9. AB de Villiers (1,207 runs)

A list of World Cup top run scorer is always incomplete without AB de Villiers. The South African master is the last name on the top 10 most run in ICC World Cup list. He only played in a few World Cups, but he was very good. He scored over 1,200 runs, including an amazing 162 not out.

10. Chris Gayle (1,186)

Now at the 10th position on the list of the most runs ICC World Cup by player is Chris Gayle. We know you might have been waiting for this name till now. Gayle has scored 1186 runs in 34 innings. 

Most run in World Cup T20 history

Below you will find players with the most run in ICC World Cup all time. These players have made the most run in World Cup T20:

  1. Virat Kohli: 1141 runs
  2. Mahela Jayawardene: 1016 runs
  3. Chris Gayle: 965 runs
  4. Rohit Sharma: 963 runs
  5. Tillakaratne Dilshan: 897 runs
  6. David Warner: 806 runs
  7. Jos Buttler: 799 runs
  8. Shakib Al Hasan: 742 runs
  9. AB de Villiers: 717 runs
  10. Kane Williamson: 699 runs


Who scored the most runs in one World Cup?

Virat Kohli currently holds the record for most runs scored in a single World Cup (765 runs in 2023).

What is the highest score in the ICC World Cup history?

Sachin Tendulkar’s 152 runs is the highest individual score in a World Cup match.

Who is the top run scorer in the ICC tournament?

Sachin Tendulkar is the all-time leading run scorer in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

How many T20 World Cups were played by Virat Kohli?

Kohli has played in five T20 World Cups (2012, 2014, 2016, 2021, 2022).

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